Friday, July 23, 2010

Does Anyone Really Care?

Did you ever think you would see the day when a baseball player would be on the verge of hitting their 600th home run and most fans don't seem to care one bit (except of course Yankee fans)? Well, it's here.  Alex Rodriguez was always anointed as the chosen one who would break Hank Aaron's record "fair and square" and the baseball world would be saved after the McGwire-Sosa-Bonds debacle.  Yet here we are today, laughing at SportsCenter when they are trying to make something out of someone who has turned into an absolute joke.  Yes, the talent is there - but greed and ego and stupidity have overpowered talent and because of this, everything in A-Rod's career will be tarnished forever.

Rodriguez was always the one talked about for years that there was no way he could be roped into steroids, but little did we know that he was involved a lot earlier in his career (high school) than many of the now-revealed poster boys were. It would be nice if ESPN or MLB network would actually note things like this when they're flashing their breaking news story when #600 leaves the yard this weekend.  But I doubt it.

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